Eligibility Requirements

Parent Picking ApplesAgri-Business Child Development (ABCD), founded in 1946, is committed to providing the highest quality early childhood education and social services to farm worker and other eligible families across New York State. Children, 8 weeks old through school age, benefit from the culturally and linguistically diverse programming recognized nationally as a hallmark of Agri-Business Child Development.

Children and families may be eligible for ABCD services in the following categories:


If all children in the service area who are eligible for one of the categories listed above are enrolled in a local ABCD center and open slots still remain, children from the following categories can be enrolled.

Picking Cucumbers

It is important to note that should a need arise for a slot in one of the categories listed above, a child or children from the following categories will be required to relinquish their slot:



For all programs, each center utilizes a system of points, in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards, to ensure that the neediest of the eligible families receive services.