Education Services

Culturally and linguistically appropriate classrooms provide a secure learning environment where children learn the skills necessary to succeed in school, society and life.  Areas of focus include:   language development, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional development, individualization, physical health and development, problem solving, reasoning and initiative.

Health Services

Every enrolled child receives age appropriate physicals and screenings.  Children and families are linked with community resources to ensure access to continuous affordable health care.

dental screeningNutrition Services

Prepared on-site, meals (breakfast, lunch and a snack) are carefully planned with a qualified nutrition consultant to assist children in meeting their nutritional needs, developing healthy eating habits and broadening food experiences.

Transportation Services

Given the rural location of families served and the lack of public transportation, bussing is provided for infants, toddlers and preschoolers to and from ABCD centers on DOT inspected school buses. 

Family Engagement

Parents, the most important influence on a child's development, play an essential role in planning and decision making for the program.   Parent involvement is highly regarded as key to a child's success.

transportationDisabilities Services

With an emphasis on the partnership between families, center staff, and early intervention professionals, strategies are developed to provide individualized services that meet the unique needs of children with disabilities.  

Community Partnerships

Collaborations with community organizations enable families to connect with available resources and support services.

Human Resource Management

Personnel are reflective of the culture and linguistic diversity of the children served and must meet State and Federal mandated educational requirements.  Additionally, opportunities for ongoing training and development are provided for staff, parents and governing bodies.